Tsu Chu Biz

Developing Young Entrepreneurs of the Future

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"Tsu'Chu Biz offers an excellent opportunity for young people … A memorable experience" Helen Keady Senior Lecturer, Accounting & Finance, Anglia Ruskin University

“I have not seen my students enjoy learning so much, it was like they were partying and studying.”  Dina Al Alami Lead Faculty. Abu Dhabi Women's College, UAE

“The vast amount of knowledge and learning skills in an abstract simulation was phenomenal.  Had this have been a formal classroom lesson with a teacher it would have been deemed outstanding by any observer … an amazing programme … hugely impressed … You have a vein of gold which has great potential.”  HEADTEACHER Dr Mike Curnock - De La SalleSchool and Languages College, Essex

"Can I pass on the deep gratitude, love and thanks from all at St Matthew Academy for all the support you showed last night at our event and over the past year. I think you will have gathered that our students idolise you guys and are beginning to develop thanks in a major way to your Inspiration and pure kindness. The course changes lives- Michael WOULD be in Prison or much worse by now if he hadn't done the course in April - no doubt in any of our minds. I have said it before that The Challenge of Excellence has a family feel to it and I think that security allows vulnerable kids like ours to shine. DEPUTY HEAD Martin Nirsimloo. St Matthew Academy, Lewisham

I am writing to you to express immense gratitude to you all for the work you recently did with our students. The experience our Year 12 students recently had on the Tsu’Chu Biz course was, quite simply, the best experience I have seen our students have in an external setting and with external providers in more than 10 years of teaching.The success of the programme is as much to do with personal progress as it is to do with academic progress. The transferable skills developed with mentors were superb.  The students gained immensely from the social/personal side of the course but also came back with improved academic knowledge that they have utilised in class and in assessed coursework. Their motivation and, as a result, attendance and punctuality have also been noticeably very good. The course seems to have enthused the students about Business and the concept of being entrepreneurial. Many wish to continue their business ideas in the near future.  Asst HEAD TEACHER Iain Stewart - Wootton Upper School, Bedford



“It was an absolute pleasure working with you on the project, the kids were fantastic and the work you did to help prepare them was amazing, more schools should learn from this approach as it is the way forward for preparing young people for business.”  Stephen Fairn - Senior VP International Operations, Pricoa


“… you have created a unique platform through mentoring and football, to give kids improved levels of knowledge and self confidence over a very short period of time.  Autoglass® is very proud to support Tsu’Chu Biz and the work that they do, which, having witnessed it I think makes a significant difference to many individuals.”  Nick Henwood Autoglass. Marketing Director


“… inspiring and very rewarding. It was brilliant to see the new generations getting excited about launching a business, they all worked hard …”  David Meliveo Operations Director, Autoglass


“This is a truly inspirational course that teaches business and entrepreneurship through football ... great for football, great for kids.  It gives them a real head start.”  David Dein former Vice Chairman The Football Association and Arsenal FC

POLICE & Young Offenders

“I really enjoyed the experience and could see first-hand what you did with a bunch of kids who were incredibly difficult to motivate. It’s a testament to you and your team’s abilities and commitment that you managed to sustain their interest and enthuse them.  It’s marvellous what those kids (.Excluded & Hard to Reach. students) produced at the end of the week.  What an achievement!”   Philippa Crisp - Unit Programme Manager . Carlford, HMP & Young Offenders Institute Warren Hill

“… an excellent project to engage … young people and help them develop key business skills … I am sure Tsu’Chu Biz will play a valuable role in deterring youths from crime and disorder”  London Metropolitan Police. Tower Hamlets Borough Stephen Manger Inspector Partnership



“… thank you … for organising the fantastic four day programme from which my business team has inherited precious skills and we believe that the time has come for us to start using them.”  Sankaran Rajeswaran - Flat-Pack Toys (Tsu’Chu Biz alumni). St Matthew Academy, Lewisham

“I liked learning how to start up my own business … the knowledge that I will need to make it work … would recommend this to others because it helps you how to cope with having stresses”


And others wrote:  I liked everything about this course. I’m proud of myself and I think I can achieve a lot from this course … I liked that people treated me like an adult … It made me more aware of my talents and ability when talking, plus leadership … We learned how to work as a team, bringing all our skills together to develop our business … I liked the part where I was allowed to use my artistic skills … It opened my mind to wanting more in life … It was fun, and it actually feels like my own business … A new way of life, a life changing experienceAmazing, life changing, friend making event … So much, it’s unreal, about finance and business … We really enjoyed it, it was loads of fun and we learned masses of new business skills … It gives you the opportunity to do something with your life and be someone … I enjoyed learning how to set a business up and the balance of football and business were just right. I loved the way everything related back to setting up a business. I learned a lot, not just about business but also about my own talents

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